Mavi means Blue, Blue mean the Sea

Dana Cans Packaging Industries Co. has more than 10 years of experience in supplying raw materials, production and packaging of canned fish in different flavors, production and printing of various types of metal cans and easy opening doors.

One of the honors of this complex is the production of canned fish in glass and the production of canned fish with easy opening of the door. As a potential and unique feature in Iran. This holding is one of the leading importers of industrial fishing from South Korea, Spain and etc. It has a daily production capacity of 2,000 canning shrimp in 5 production lines simultaneously in a fully controlled environment by experienced specialists. The canning center of this complex is located in Kharazmi Industrial Town of Tehran in an area of ​​12,000 square meters and uses the most advanced industrial machinery in accordance with the latest technology in the world and the production capacity of more than 100 million cans per year.

The final policy and goal of this collection is to produce products with the highest quality and in accordance with modern world standards, community health and protection of customers’ rights.

Most important features of canned fish under the brand name of Mavi:

  1. High quality and using fillets of all kinds of hover fish and first class feeders
  2. No dark flesh and bones
  3. Lack of unpleasant smell
  4. Light pink flesh color
  5. High variety of different product flavors